Thursday, April 27, 2006

7 seconds sex... an Urban Myth?

Now that i got your attention... how true is this statement? I certainly does not think about sex every seconds, minute or hour. If any men does, how in the world will they manage to do anything let alone jerking off every 7 seconds haha... an interesting read from SMH.

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French toast anyone?

I woke up late this morning with a grumbling tummy, so i decided to prepare french toast for brunch. Ok... you need all the ingredients as shown in the pic and of course some bread.

Beat an egg with 2 tablespoons of cream and a tablespoon of sugar. Heat up the pan on medium heat with a tablespoon of butter. Once you've beaten the egg, dip the breads in the egg mixture both sides and you can start cooking. Simple isn't it? Ten minutes is all it takes and you have a yummy brunch. If you're preparing it for two, just double the ingredients.

Served best with "Teh Tarik". You can get the instant mix from any asian supermarket. I recommend the Gold Roast brand available from Thai Kee Supermarket, Market City in Sydney's Chinatown. I miss Malaysian's mamak teh tarik so much... uhuk uhuk...

Friday, April 21, 2006

In the verge of unemployment.

I have been busy lately seeking for my first ideal job after years of studying. Being a recent graduate seeking for employment is a fulltime job itself of course without the money in your wallet!

Have recruitment agency lost their dignity nowadays? Aren't they suppose to help people like me instead of looking for leads to gain commision? I had a call the other day from a recruitment agency in sydney. She definitely asked a lot of question. I mean there is nothing wrong with asking questions. I'm sure its a pre-interview thing to ensure wether you're qualified for jobs advertised.

But she went a bit too far, asking for contact details of my previous employers. Obviouly she was using me to get some lead instead of genuine conversation to follow up with my applications. Do we always to provide reference when applying for jobs? I was advised in a job forum to provide reference details only when asked by interviewers, but not with recruitment agency!

I'm getting sick with recruitment agency! Imagine everytime they advertised jobs, they put a huge wish list of requirements and experience to be filled in order to qualify in their candidates list. Who the hell have MCSE, MCP or MCSD when you freshly graduate? That is totally ridiculous! I understand if they prefer graduates with minimal experience in the IT industry gained by working part time during uni years. I guess i have very minimal chance of getting employed in the IT industry if every and each company requires huge requirement wish list! During my uni years, i've only gained hospitality experience apart from my final year software project with external uni clients which doesn't really count as commercial experience. Sigh...

Not to mention a recruiter that doesn't even know the industry itself! I had an interview once with a recruiter for a Junior System Administration position in a small business organisation. A few days later she emailed to inform me that i am not shortlisted for the position reason being i don't have good knowledge of tcpip and networking in general. She didn't even asked me about tcip and networking during the shortlist pre-interview plus i have CCNA for god sake! At least if she gave other reasonable reason i won't be pissed!

I can go forever with recruitment agencies... guess i have to keep looking. Wish me luck...

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Jumping the blogging bandwagon

Why does it take me too long to jump on the blogging bandwagon? I have no idea... i have been reading a lot of other people's blog every now and then for years and i have never really ask myself why... interesting...

Well... now i have too much free times to spare so here it goes... my first blog!